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All the basics are here: how to join, a lockbox / key overview, contact details for Service Center locations, staff, and the leadership team, and a list of NEFAR's task forces, councils, and committees.

Task Forces | Councils | Committees

NEFAR's committees, councils and task forces represent its diversity. Through your active involvement, you become an integral part in guiding the direction of your REALTOR® organization.

While there are numerous areas of interest from which to choose, please opt to join only those task forces, councils and committees to which you are willing to commit your time and effort.

All area councils are open to all NEFAR members, regardless of where you work or live. Therefore, one does not "join" or "become a member" of an area council. All NEFAR members may attend any council meeting or function - registration, payment, and/or other requirements may apply.

Want to join a committee, council or task force other than an Area Council? Click the staff liaison link for the respective group below to send an email request-to-join. You must be a NEFAR member to participate in a NEFAR committee, council or task force or to join any of NEFAR's committee, council, or task force Facebook groups/pages.

2022 Area Councils

Area councils plan council programs and social events. Some NEFAR area councils also conduct MLS property caravans or Tour of Homes. Each Council determines its own caravan / Tour of Homes procedures, rules, areas of coverage and frequency. Notations are below for area councils that conduct caravans / Tour of Homes. For information regarding a caravan / Tour of Homes, including adding property listings to a caravan, contact the NEFAR staff liaison that oversees the respective area council that conducts the caravan / Tour of Homes.

Join the NEFAR Area Councils Facebook Group to stay informed on all upcoming events each of the eight Area Councils, participate in industry related discussions and to connect with friends and colleagues. 

Beaches Council (Beaches area Tour of Homes)
Staff liaison: Debbie Dermody
Chairperson: Scott Nyman / Vice Chairperson: April Hall-Lloyd

Historic Area Council
Staff liaison: Celeta McClamma
Chairperson: Paula Givler / Vice Chairperson: Jon Singleton

Mandarin Council
Staff liaison: Celeta McClamma
Chairperson: John Adams / Vice Chairperson: Jan Jenkins

Northside Council
Staff liaison: Marcia Hodgson
Chairperson: Samantha Heflin / Vice Chairperson: Mick Dolan

Ponte Vedra Council (Ponte Vedra Tour of Homes)
Staff liaison: Debbie Dermody
Chairperson: Jerry “Buzz” Thomas / Vice Chairperson: Mark Ryan

Putnam Council
Staff liaison: Savannah Williams
Chairperson: Cassie Browning Nettles / Vice Chairperson: Chris Fields

Southwest Council (Clay County and west Jacksonville Tour of Homes)
Staff liaison: Evonne Moody
Chairperson: Rich Zeisel / Vice Chairperson: Kevin Noel

St. Johns Council (St. Johns County Tour of Homes)
Staff liaison: Savannah Williams
Chairperson: Cole Slate / Vice Chairperson: Theron “Ben” Glynn

2022 Specialty Councils

Commercial Alliance of Realtors® - Facebook page here.
Serving the needs of NEFAR members who have an interest in the commercial practice of real estate.
Staff liaison: Celeta McClamma
Chairperson: Jonathan Miller / Vice Chairperson: Ramon Day

Global Business Council -
Facebook page here.
Enhance the professionalism of Realtors involved in international transactions and to be the resource for international investment in northeast Florida. $25 membership fee required. Click here for more information and a membership application.
Staff liaison: Ciera Smith
Chairperson: Angela “Angie” McKee / Vice Chairperson: Jonna Faeth

Young Professionals Network (YPN) - Facebook group here.
YPN helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas: Realtor associations, real estate industry, peers, and community.
Staff liaison: Joshua Garrett
Chairperson: Christian Oliva / Vice Chairperson: David Phan

2022 Committees


Evaluates ethics complaints and requests for arbitration to determine if they warrant further consideration by a Hearing Panel of the Professional Standards Committee. Prerequisite: Three years of real estate sales experience is recommended.
Staff liaison: Susan Rodehaver
Chairperson and Vice Chairperson: both are non-published

Work in conjunction with NEFAR's Government Affairs Director to track current and proposed legislation affecting real estate on the local, state and national levels to inform and educate NEFAR members. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding NEFAR positions on local legislation.
Staff liaison: Nancy Garcia
Chairperson: Ray Rivera

Professional Standards
Committee members comprise the professional standards hearing tribunals which hear and rule on ethics complaints and arbitration cases filed with NEFAR. Prerequisite: Grievance Committee experience.
Staff liaison: Susan Rodehaver
Chairperson and Vice Chairperson: both are non-published

2022 Task Forces

Candidate Screening
Interview candidates and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for support of those candidates who best support the Realtor position. Pre-requisites, must be: 1) a NEFAR Realtor member, 2) a member of the Legislative Committee, 3) an RPAC contributor at the $99 level annually, 4) willing to complete an application AND attend training once every two years, 5) registered to vote in the U.S.
Staff liaison: Nancy Garcia
Chairperson: Carol Zingone / Vice Chairperson: Linda McInnis

Community Affairs - Facebook group here.
Plan and spur involvement in NEFAR's designated, organizational community affairs programs.
Staff liaison: Marcia Hodgson
Chairperson: Christina Welch / Vice Chairperson: Margarita Cavanagh

Education Advisory - Facebook page here.
Provide recommendations to NEFAR's Education Director on education courses and programs.
Staff liaison: Deanna Sims
Chairperson: Amanda Feagle / Vice Chairperson: Bailey Jordan

Review and update NEFAR forms for members' use.
Staff liaison: Celeta McClamma
Chairperson: Lee Osborne / Vice Chairperson: Zach Crabtree

Leadership Development
Interview applications for NEFAR's Leadership Academy and develop year-long agenda and curriculum.
Staff liaison: Glenn East
Chairperson: Tiea Vincent / Vice Chairperson: Clark LaBlond

Serve as a mediator to NEFAR members attempting to resolve commission disputes. Mediation is offered prior to or in lieu of arbitration. Prerequisite: mediation training. Contact Susan Rodehaver for details.
Staff liaison: Susan Rodehaver
Chairperson: non-published

Realtor-Builder Tradeshow
Plan and implement the annual Realtor-Builder Tradeshow.
Staff liaison: Celeta McClamma
Chairperson: Ron Harris

RPAC Awareness and Events - Facebook group here.
Work in conjunction with NEFAR's Government Affairs Director to conduct fundraising campaigns and events, including NEFAR's annual RPAC Auction, to benefit the Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC).
Staff liaison: Nancy Garcia
Chairperson: Cliff Baker / Vice Chairperson: Tara Braithwaite