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RPAC Major Investors

The Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC) recognizes anyone who contributes $1,000 or more during a calendar year as a Major Investor. NEFAR is proud of the members below for their commitment to RPAC and Major Investor level achievement.

John Adams
Charles "Ben" Bates
Andrew Bell
Stan Bishop
Andre' Boutte'
Dee Bumbarger
Diane Cook
Wendell Davis
Martha Dickerson
Sonny Downey
Rory Dubin
Glenn East
Diana Galavis
Beverly Garvin
Russell Grooms
Anita Hiles
Michael Hodges
Missi Howell
Marc Jernigan
Tomas Jimenez Jr.
Millie Kanyar
Selby Kaiser
Charles Kassaw
Kim Knapp
Clark LaBlond
Audrey Lackie
Michael Leachman
Dane Leslie
Celeta McClamma
Linda McInnis
Linda McMorrow
Holly McMurry
Gonzalo Mejia
Michael Morris
TJ Mundy
Terrell Newberry
Donna Overman
Kevin Pickett
Joseph Poletto
Mark Rosener
Stephanie Saylor
Ron Stephan
Sally Suslak
Janna Thomas
Tiea Vincent
Bill Watson, Jr.
Cathy Whatley
Carol Zingone