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RENE Designation

Real Estate Negotiation Expert

Sharpen your bargaining skills

The Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) certification was created for real estate professionals who want to sharpen their negotiation skills. It gives them tips and tools to become skillful advocates for their clients.

The two-day course is an interactive experience that examines all types of negotiation formats and methods. It helps REALTORS® play the game to win and provide effective results for their clients. The course includes a variety of real-world negotiations to help real estate professionals apply the power tools, techniques, and tactics learned in the course in practical ways. Not only do participants increase their understanding of the tactics and techniques, they learn how to become “power negotiators,” who are not only able to recognize the techniques being done but also how to use them effectively.


"Everything we do is a negotiation, whether you are trying to make an appointment with the dentist or a new hairdresser or put together a real estate deal. The two-day Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) designation is designed to help you negotiate in all circumstances, whether it is in a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market, and to be successful in bringing about a meeting of minds in a win-win of all your transactions." — Joanne Chando, instructor


The exercises and field simulations in this course provide the foundational experience and practice that REALTORS® need to master so they can become as “power negotiators” and effectively advocate for their clients. A “win-win” objective is merely a perception. RENE candidates learn that power comes from leveraging options and alternatives so that the client has the best possible choices to consider and knows what the downside could be for each choice presented.

The “power negotiator’s” playbook includes:

  • Preparation
  • being open to options
  • knowing how to effectively work with tradeoffs
  • knowing how to compromise without giving essential components away
  • reaching a resolution that is acceptable to your clients.

RENE candidates

  • improve their negotiating skills
  • learn about behind-the-scenes issues and how to deal with them
  • learn how to handle a wide range of personalities and situations
  • learn how to sort out the competing objectives of the parties involved in a transaction.

All that is necessary to earn this certification is to successfully complete the two-day RENE course and be a member in good standing in the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). There is no exam requirement for the certification.

An application, which is sent to all students after they complete the course, must be completed within two years of enrolling in the course and should include the start date of the RENE course.




The cost of the course is $150 for NEFAR members and $175 for non-members.

There is a one-time NAR application fee of $159.


Course Schedule


Date: October 14 & 15, 2021

Location: NEFAR Resource Center (7801 Deercreek Club Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32256)

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Joanne Chando

Winner of the 2020 and 2015 Florida Realtors® Educator of the Year award and named Broker of the Year in 2014 for her local REALTOR® association in Ft. Myers, Chando is a nationally known speaker and instructor with more than 35 years of “in-the-trenches” experience. She is the broker/owner of Florida Gulf Coast Property Group in Ft. Myers