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Aug. 22, 2011
Staff Contact
Ron Stephan, NEFMLS Chief Executive Officer
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2011 NEFMLS President
Clark LaBlond
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Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service Acquires Metro Market Trends

MMT products and services expands scope of NEFMLS real estate data and analysis offerings.

Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (NEFMLS) has purchased Metro Market Trends, Inc. (MMT) a leading provider of real estate sales, tracking, market share reports and custom analysis information. MMT products and services include information on real estate sales of both listed and unlisted property. With the acquisition, MMT becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NEFMLS. MMT products and services will continue to be offered by the same seasoned management team under the MMT brand, now backed by NEFMLS.

MMT tracks sales and foreclosure data on new and existing condos, single family homes, construction loans, lots and land, non-residential land and commercial real estate. Software from MMT is offered through both Windows and Web-based applications.

Specific products and services offered by MMT include:
~ Mailing labels and lists - helpful for real estate and insurance professionals.
~ Comparable market analysis reports - used by appraisers and real estate professional to market to prospective clients / customers such as new home buyers, lot buyers or parcel owners.
~ Market-share trend reports - used by lenders, closing agents, builders and real estate professionals.
~ Miscellaneous documents including deeds, mortgages, tax roll data and parcel maps - used by a variety of legal entities, consumers and real estate professionals.
~ Custom services and unique data searches including parcel and property data, economic and demographic analysis, and market research - these specialty portfolio services are widely used by class action administration, law firms, developers and government entities.

The experienced MMT team have conducted numerous studies of local market areas. In addition, their consulting projects include economic analysis to assess visitor travel and expenditure patterns, the associated economic impact and the market factors influencing these travel patterns.

With the addition of MMT, NEFMLS will deliver even greater value to Realtor associations, their Multiple Listing Services, real estate brokers and real estate related entities as a single trusted source for data and reporting services. "Researching real estate data can be a fragmented experience for real estate professionals and the related content is often inaccurate, outdated and / or inconsistent," says NEFMLS CEO Ron Stephan. "By acquiring MMT, we have combined NEFMLS's current listing aggregation with MMT's historic public record content. Through our combined strengths, we successfully aggregate vast amounts of data from a variety of sources, and ensure that the data is current and accurate."

About Metro Market Trends
Metro Market Trends, based in Pensacola, Florida, is a leading provider of public record data, reports and customized real estate consulting. For more information, visit www.MMTinfo.com.

About Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service
NEFMLS, founded in 1994, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors. NEFMLS specializes in providing Multiple Listing Service and public record information. In 1995, NEFMLS began providing Web based listing information to the public through RealtyWEB.Net. NEFMLS syndicates listing data to several national real estate Web sites and thousands of member Web sites. For more information, visit www.RealtyWEB.Net.

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