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@yourNEFAR: Using social media to build a community

@yourNEFAR: Using social media to build a community

As the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® seeks to have a greater presence on social media with frequent and daily postings on Facebook and Twitter, it seemed only right to brand it with a new and improved social media handle. To better represent the real estate association’s current vision, the former handle @NEFARscoop has been replaced by a new handle, @yourNEFAR.

The change was made because the former handle, “@NEFARscoop,” which selected years ago, does not adequately represent NEFAR’s present use of social media. It was also problematic for many reasons. Meant to infer the phrase, “The Inside Scoop,” among other things, this old handle implied that NEFAR’s social media outlets were a place where people could get the latest information, and, admittedly, that is true.  However, social media today is much more than a place to share news updates. It is our aim to have NEFAR’s web pages on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, which we established just a week ago, to represent community. Through our postings, we hope to create conversations and connect people. Ultimately, we hope NEFAR’s social media pages will serve as a virtual extension of the vitality of our association.

By using the term @yourNEFAR, our objective is to communicate the goals we have set out to achieve as a membership-based organization. We want our members to claim ownership and understand they are part of an amazing community of REALTORS®. We hope the handle will better convey that message. By using @yourNEFAR in promotions or by having members type it in to tag us on social media, we hope they will be reminded that NEFAR is here for them, and that they are an important part of the largest association of REALTORS® in Northeast Florida. It is also our hope that it will extend those same feelings to the general public. As a large professional organization, NEFAR is also an important resource for the Northeast Florida community at large, and its influence and ideals stretch far beyond its membership.

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