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Travel the GRI road to success …

Travel the GRI road to success …

If you are serious about boosting your income and career opportunities, earning the Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designation is the way to go.

To be recognized as a top-tier professional in the competitive world of real estate is to get a first-class instruction in the field. The GRI designation is recognized as the gold standard for real estate educational achievement. The complete 105-hour program, which includes seven modules, is being offered by NEFAR in its entirety this year.

The modules, which are divided into three series – 100, 200, and 300 -- will be offered in April, May, June, and July through in-person instruction at the NEFAR Resource Center, 7801 Deercreek Club Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32256. On the second day of each 15-hour module, there will be a 90-minute, 50 question, closed-book exam. Each module is approved for sales associate, and broker/broker associate post-licensing credit. Students must complete all course work within 5 years to earn the designation.

The cost of each module is $100 for NEFAR members and $120 for non-members.

Once a REALTOR® in good standing has completed all 7 modules, they will receive the GRI designation, which comes with a diploma and pin. After submitting the GRI Petition to Graduate form to Florida Realtors®, the GRI designation can be used by those who have earned it as a special credential to separate themselves from the pack. GRI does not require annual renewal so long as the REALTOR® who has earned the designation remains an active member in good standing of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

Earning the GRI designation not only assists REALTORS® by improving their knowledge of their profession. It can be lucrative, too. According to NAR, real estate professionals who have earned the right to put GRI after their names make $30,000 per year more on average than those without the GRI designation.


GRI 200 series – Essential Real Estate Techniques


The first module, 201, will cover the topic, “It’s All About You.” It will be taught by Denise Oyler and will cover Personal Promotion so that you can stand out from the crowd as well as Sales and Marketing in relation to the buying and selling of real estate by demonstrating communication models that gain appointments and listings. The Tax Law and Real Estate portion will provide REALTORS® with an awareness of tax laws that affect real estate transactions which can create liability.

The second module, 202, will cover the topic, “Technology & Investments.” It will be taught by Nicholas Bejelis and will cover the Technological Tools and Resources that help REALTORS® stand out from the competition. The Investment portion will discuss how REALTORS® can invest in real estate as well as help them gain an understanding of real estate terminology, taxation, and the principles of investing in property.

Next Classes:

GRI 201 – It’s All About You: April 6 & 7 – 8 am – 5 pm  //  REGISTER HERE
GRI 202 – Technology and Investments: April 13 & 14 – 8 am – 5 pm  //  REGISTER HERE


GRI 300 series – Real Estate Specialties


The module, 301, will cover the topic “It’s More Than Just Sales,” and will include an Introduction to Property Management and the forms of common ownership. The Appraising portion will introduce the function of an appraisal, the steps in the appraisal process, and appraisal principles. Although 1031 Exchanges are available for other investments, the Exchanging portion will focus on real estate exchanges and provide the terminology and principals of exchanging. The classes will be taught by Patti Ketcham and Mario Gonzalez.

The second module 302, “Thinking Outside the Box,” will be taught by Gonzalo Mejia and Cynthia DeLuca. It will cover International Real Estate by introducing the many factors that must be taken into consideration while working with international buyers or investors in the United States and Florida, in particular. Broker management will help REALTORS® decide if they want to open their own offices. The portion, Single-Family Residential Construction will provide an overview of the general construction procedures and terminology of residential real estate. The portion Land, Environment, and Private Property Rights, will assist students who plan to invest, broker, or buy and develop land by discussing land and its uses as well as laws affecting land use, including urban growth, environmental rules, and required disclosures.

Next Classes:

GRI 301 – It’s More Than Just Sales: May 4 & 5 – 8 am – 5 pm  //  REGISTER HERE
GRI 302 – Thinking Outside the Box: May 11 & 12 – 8 am – 5 pm  //  REGISTER HERE


GRI 100 series – Standards of Practice


In GRI 101, which will be taught by Beverly Pindling, REALTORS® learn about what it is that sets them apart from real estate licensees. The Professional Standards portion guides students through the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and the expectations and requirements of the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). The Law portion expands on the real estate law that was learned in the basic sales associate’s course. It will help students identify and understand legal issues that might arise. The Fair Housing and Diversity portion will help REALTORS® take a proactive role in preventing fair housing violations and will help reduce the licensee’s exposure to liability.

Taught by NEFAR Past President Missi Howell and Patricia Sherman, GRI 102 will cover everything you need to get a successful start in the real estate industry. The portion Contacts to Contracts, will provide the fundamentals of contract law including the process involved in dealing with offers, counter offers and acceptance. The Goal Setting Business Planning portion will help REALTORS® identify and define business goals and develop a business plan to achieve those goals.

“Maximize Your Profitability”, the GRI 103 course, will be taught by Grant Simon and Gonzalo Mejia. It will cover Financing, which is the key part of every real estate transaction. The section on Negotiating and Counseling will teach REALTORS® how to become successful negotiators and how to better counsel homebuying consumers. The Law portion will provide a “red-flag notice” to show when participants are potentially going into a danger zone, the unlicensed practice of law.

Next Classes:

GRI 101 – REALTORS®: Professionalism and the Law: June 8 & 9 – 8 am -5 pm  //  REGISTER HERE
GRI 102 – Starting Your Business: July 12 & 13 – 8 am- 5 pm  //  REGISTER HERE
GRI 103 – Maximize Your Profitability: July 20 & 21 – 8 am – 5 p.m.  //  REGISTER HERE