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The importance of making a professional impression

The importance of making a professional impression

Gold Key certification class on May 26 provides “keys” to success to REALTORS®

Fresa Alejo-Jones proudly wears the Gold Key pin she received after taking the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® (NEFAR) Excellence in Professionalism course. As a REALTOR®, who has been in the real estate industry for five years, Alejo-Jones said the Gold Key certification class provided a central guide to how to succeed as a real estate agent and offered her the perfect opportunity to refresh her understanding of the many ways she can better serve her customers.

“It makes you check what you are doing, and how you present yourself to clients,” she explained. “There are things you know already having been a few years in the business, but you don’t always focus on the importance or priority of those things all the time.” Alejo-Jones said the class gave her more “tools” to ensure she was making a professional impression on her customers as well as a written statement, suitable for framing, that she includes at the front of her portfolio outlining her “Commitment to Excellence in Professionalism.” Alejo-Jones said the statement is sent to all Gold Key recipients by Cynthia DeLuca, a nationally renowned real estate educator and author from Orlando, who is teaching the course for NEFAR this year.

“I love that statement that the Gold Key teacher provided,” said Alejo-Jones. “By seeing this statement, my clients know immediately that I adhere to the highest standards of what a REALTOR® symbolizes. It shows them that I will give them that kind of service, and that this is my commitment to them. I read this statement every time I include it in with one of my portfolios. It is my promise to them, and it shows that I mean to do everything it takes to abide by those words,” she said.

NEFAR’s next Gold Key Certification – Excellence in Professionalism class will be held virtually Wednesday, May 26, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m (Register Here). The class provides the “keys” to success in the real estate industry. Those new to the profession will attain a greater level of expertise while experienced REALTORS® will find it to be a perfect refresher course.

“The Gold Key class is such a fun class to teach because we really take the full day to connect the dots on how to use professionalism to make more money,” said DeLuca. “We are always striving to have higher satisfaction ratings from our customers, but we don’t always know what to do about it. This class takes your business to the next level, and so many students get great ideas and pages of notes from the class.”