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Rock the C2EX Challenge

Rock the C2EX Challenge

Demonstrate that you are at the top of your profession. Earn your Commitment to Excellence endorsement this year.


Would you like to become a real estate professional that is noticed not only by your clients but also by your peers? Earning your Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) seal of approval from the National Association of REALTORS® is one way to gain respect and a unique market advantage.

C2EX is not a course, class, or designation—it's an endorsement that REALTORS® can use to promote themselves. As an innovative engagement tool that encourages participation in all levels of the REALTOR® organization, C2EX develops and enhances competencies that indicate a REALTOR® has a commitment to ethics, advocacy, technology, data privacy, and customer service.

C2EX was introduced to the real estate community four years ago when it was launched at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Boston and online at C2EX.realtor. The program identifies REALTORS® as well-rounded professionals who are committed to providing superior customer service and the ideals of their REALTOR® associations.


Free and easy to use

So far, more than 100,000 REALTORS have engaged in the C2EX program, which is free to members of NAR and encourages participation at all levels of the REALTOR® community.

The platform is easy to use on any device – phone, tablet, or computer. Brokers can also use the C2EX program as a coaching opportunity by tracking an individual agent’s program and sharing specific pieces of content with them.

More than 100 years ago, NAR defined professionalism when it created its Code of Ethics. C2EX is meant to take real estate proficiency to the next level by enabling REALTORS® to access their expertise in 10 elements of professionalism, from customer service to the use of technology.


Start with a customized skill assessment

REALTORS® endeavoring to earn a C2EX endorsement start with the skills assessment, C2EX Competencies, which is a comprehensive, cutting-edge, skills and personality identification system designed to measure their expertise in each of the elements of professionalism. The self-assessment produces a self-paced, easy path through a personalized education program comprised of tools and resources which are meant to increase knowledge and enhance skillsets.


REALTOR® C2EX Competencies include the following:

  1. Being current and knowledgeable about the laws, regulations and legislation affecting the real estate disciplines the REALTOR® engages in, and about real estate in the community generally.
  2. Understanding the Code of Ethics is a living document and keeping informed about its duties and obligations on an ongoing basis.
  3. Providing equal professional services to all consistent with Article 10 of the Code of Ethics.
  4. Advocating for property ownership rights in their community, state, and nation.
  5. Acknowledging and valuing that honesty and integrity are fundamental and essential to REALTORS® who are known as consumers’ trusted advisors.
  6. Becoming and remaining proficient in the use of technology tools to provide the highest levels of service to clients, customers, and the public, and facilitating cooperation by sharing accurate, current information with consumers and with other real estate professionals.
  7. Keeping up to date on laws and regulations governing data privacy and data security and taking necessary and appropriate steps to safeguard the privacy and integrity of information entrusted to them.
  8. Commitment to the enhancement of knowledge and skills in the real estate areas of practice they engage in on an ongoing basis.
  9. Providing superior customer service.
  10. Appreciating that courtesy, timely communication and cooperation are fundamental to facilitating successful real estate transactions, and to building and maintaining an impeccable professional reputation.
  11. As a broker-owner or principal of a real estate company, being committed to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes excellent customer service consistent with these standards.

The REALTOR® C2EX journey also includes various components to assist in mastering the Competencies:

  • C2EX Action Steps broaden REALTOR®’s skill development and engagement with their community through a suggested series of activities, such as attending an event or participating in a recommended program. The C2EX Action Steps Tracker is a journal of Action Steps completed by the REALTOR®.
  • C2EX Learning Prospects offers a specific formal or informal learning opportunity, such as coursework, attending a webinar, or playing a learning game, uniquely designed to enhance a skill or improve a behavior identified in a REALTOR®’s C2EX Skills Assessment. The C2EX Learning Prospect Tracker is a journal of Learning Prospects completed by the REALTOR®.

If a REALTOR® identifies in their C2EX Skills Assessment that they are a broker/manager, they will unlock a special C2EX Broker/Manager Path: a companion REALTOR® C2EX Journey for brokers and managers, offering Action Steps and Learning Prospects designed to engage their agents in pursuing increased professionalism through the C2EX Program.


Renewing the C2EX endorsement

As REALTORS® make their way through the C2EX platform, they earn “Excellence Badges,” or digital insignias. Once they have earned each of the Excellence Badges, they will receive the official Commitment to Excellence Endorsement from NAR. NAR will also provide them with promotional materials they can use to show clients and peers that they are committed to the highest level of professionalism possible.

And the journey does not end there. Over the years, the C2EX program has continued to evolve as industry standards and best practices have evolved. As time goes by, new content, reference, and resource materials are added to the platform. Exactly three years from the original C2EX Endorsement date, C2EX has run its cycle.

As that Endorsement anniversary nears, the C2EX platform will automatically send you 90-, 60-, and 30-day notifications that it is time to work on your renewal by returning to C2EX.realtor to complete any newly required assessments, learning paths and tasks. REALTORS® have 180 days to renew their endorsements (90 days prior and 90 days after the Endorsement anniversary).


C2EX is a requirement to join EDGE

Gaining your C2EX Endorsement is also one of the requirements to join EDGE (Ethics, Diversity, Goals, Excellence), NEFAR’s new professional society.


Let’s Get Started

Getting started on your way to earning your C2EX Endorsement is easy; simply go to C2EX.realtor and follow the prompts to register. You'll need your NAR login information and/or your Member ID to log in. Although individual times do vary, on average it takes about 7-10 hours to complete.


Gain points for NEFAR

NEFAR members are encouraged to earn their C2EX Endorsement from the NAR this year. Local associations, such as NEFAR, will earn three points for every member who starts the program before October 1 and five points for every member who earns their C2EX endorsement before October 1. Winners will be announced during the 2022 National Association of REALTORS Conference and Expo. State and local associations with the highest point totals will win $5,000 in grants to further their promotional efforts of the Commitment to Excellence program!