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New Government Affairs Coordinator shares passion for community, real estate advocacy

New Government Affairs Coordinator shares passion for community, real estate advocacy

Trenity Bridges, NEFAR’s new Government Affairs Coordinator, shares a passion for community work and a newfound love for real estate advocacy.

“Although I do not have a real estate background, I was attracted to this job because of the potential to serve as an advocate, not only for REALTORS but also for the community they serve,” Trenity said, adding that her understanding of real estate has been influenced by her grandparents who owned several investment properties when she was growing up. “Housing is an essential need for everyone, and I believe in the REALTOR® Party and its ability to look out for the interests if not only those who work in real estate but also the everyday people they serve. Advocacy from the REALTOR® Party makes it possible for REALTORS® to provide a foundation in many people’s lives.”

In her new role, Trenity will help monitor the local, state, and federal legislative and regulatory activities that impact NEFAR. She will serve members at the NEFAR Resource Center in Jacksonville, providing hands on support to NEFAR’s Legislative Committee, Candidate Screening Task Force, and Board of Directors when needed. One of her main duties will be to assist in the planning and execution of events and fundraisers connected with NEFAR’s REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

Hired in early November, Trenity keeps in constant contact with her supervisor, NEFAR’s longtime Government Affairs Director Nancy Garcia, who manages NEFAR’s advocacy work remotely.

Trenity is a native of Mobile, Alabama, and a graduate in political science and economics with a minor in Spanish from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has some graduate credits toward a master’s degree in education. And, although she is young, she is not without substantial government experience. Her most recent job prior to working at NEFAR was with Teach America, where she was selected from approximately 45,000 applicants to serve as a teacher in an under-resourced public high school in Nashville, Tennessee. She also spent four years during and after college working in Georgia state government as social media specialist and policy coordinator for the Georgia House of Representatives. Later, she served as a legislative assistant to the Georgia Black Caucus, where she collaborated with technical and communications specialists and worked with impactful training tools, research results, data, and high-level reports.

Growing up in a family of four – her father is from Jamaica and her mother is a native of Alabama – including a baby brother, Trenity said, “life was typical with two working parents. In the summer, my brother and I would spend time on my grandparents’ farm, where I grew to have a love of horses. In middle school, I became very active in the community. I volunteered a lot and was active in organizations such as Youth Leadership. That passion continued in college, and that is how I got involved in state and local government.”

Trenity has recently moved to Orange Park, where she lives with her “best friend,” a Labradoodle puppy named Kai. In her spare time, she enjoys walking trails with Kai, creating social media content, and booking self-care trips with her friends.

“I love working at NEFAR because I love being able to talk to the members and to hear their concerns,” said Trenity. “I love my job because it allows me to do research and learn about different policies and how they will affect us. Most importantly, I love NEFAR – the staff, the culture, and all the learning opportunities I have by being able to work alongside such experienced people.”