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NEFAR’s market stats sport whole new look

NEFAR’s market stats sport whole new look

Those who enjoy checking out the state of the market each month by using the monthly statistical reports available on NEFAR.com are in for a treat. Beginning this November, NEFAR has switched from Showing Time, a company that was purchased by Zillow on September 30, to Domus Analytics, a data processing firm out of Reno, Nevada. With the change, NEFAR’s monthly market reports will sport a whole new look.

Although NEFAR has utilized Showing Time's services since 2009, the REALTOR® organization, considered to be the “voice of Northeast Florida real estate,” decided to make the change this November to the more granular data system offered by Domus Analytics. The Domus data system will make it easier for members to use and access information from NEFAR.com, the REALTOR® organization’s website, said NEFAR CEO William Glenn East.

“This will allow our members to be more interactive with our data and to search the data as they need versus the static PDF version we have supplied in the past,” he said.

The new Market Stats report will be less cumbersome and easy to read, East added. A single chart holding pertinent information from the previous month will be posted, and it will include a dashboard display allowing viewers to immediately access the median price, days on the market, list price received, closed over list price, home affordability index, price per square foot, pending sales, new listings, active inventory, and month’s supply of inventory. By changing the category at the top of the screen the statistics for eight different property types – single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, multifamily buildings, manufactured homes, mobile homes with land and farms – can be accessed independently or in various combinations.

At the flick of a switch on the dashboard, these numbers can be separated into the figures representing one or more of the five counties in Northeast Florida – Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam, and St. Johns. Another table allows the data to be divided among the 31 different areas between Nassau County to the north and east and Putnam County in the south and west as well as all areas in between. Properties within Baker County are also available within the mix.

Domus Analytics also makes it possible to easily access statistical information for each month dating back to October 2016.

By switching to Domus Analytics, NEFAR believes it is offering the REALTOR® community and members of the public more accurate and true statistics that will give a better reflection of what is going on within Northeast Florida’s real estate market.

“We’ve changed the methodology by which we are reporting results,” said Amy Gianos, co-owner and managing partner of Domus Analytics. “We are separating out data from the counties rather than including the whole MLS. We’ve chosen to give you access in our reports to various economically smaller areas within Northeast Florida rather than lumping in some of the outliers. We are counting apples rather than apples and oranges.”


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