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NEFAR REALTORS help keep St. Johns River clean and tidy

NEFAR REALTORS help keep St. Johns River clean and tidy

SAVE THE DATE: Northeast Florida waterways clean-up event planned for July 24


Members of the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® are invited to join thousands of their colleagues from throughout Florida during the month of July in a massive effort to clean up the state’s lakes, beaches, and other waterways. Sponsored by Florida Realtors®, the state’s largest real estate association, the event will take place on each of the 31 days of July and is the largest Florida clean-up effort.

Although NEFAR members are encouraged to clean up trash from lakes, beaches, creeks, rivers, and streams at any time during the month, the NEFAR Community Affairs Task Force is planning a regional Northeast Florida event on Saturday, July 24, according to Mark Feagle, vice chairman. Details are currently being worked out so stay tuned to future NEFAR Member Update for more information.

NEFAR members got a head start making the St. Johns River clean and tidy with a Community Affairs Task Force-sponsored waterway clean-up May 8. NEFAR joined with the Coastal Conservation Association to help # CleanUpFloridaWaters.

Volunteers gathered early at the Jim King Boat Ramp in Sisters Creek to request that boaters heading out for the day take a trash bag to pick up litter spotted along the shoreline or in the water. If the boaters returned the bags before the end of the event, they received “swag bags” donated by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Lowe’s that included contractor bags and gloves, as well as other goodies from local businesses.

The event was very successful as NEFAR and CCA volunteers cleaned up what seemed to be mountains of trash around the boat ramp and parking lot area. J Dog Junk Removal donated its dumpster for the day and participated in the clean-up effort as well. Boaters pulled in some surprisingly large items from the shores near the Dames Point Bridge, said Feagle, who is a NEFAR member and also CCA chapter president.

 “Trash in our oceans is a major, global problem that affects marine species’ ability to thrive. We need to fix the problem and keep the state of Florida beautiful for future generations,” he said.

Feagle joined NEFAR Community Affairs Task Force Chairman Nicole Carroll of Landmark Title in organizing the event, which was to be a prequel to the larger statewide waterway cleanup event in July. The day concluded with a raffle drawing for several thousand dollars’ worth of prizes including coolers, sunglasses, car wash memberships, tickets to the CCA annual barbecue, gift cards, and more!

“We will need even more participation from the NEFAR membership at the July cleanup,” said Jeff Marks, past CCA President and NEFAR attorney.

Feagle said the Community Affairs Task Force wants to thank several sponsors of the event including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s, Prime Car Wash, J Dog Junk Removal, Landmark Title, Watson Realty Corp., Watson Mortgage Corp., 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, HW Roofing, Pearl Vision, Arthurs Wealth Management, the CCA of Florida and NEFAR.