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NEFAR REALTOR® Party Champions finish strong in Duval County’s election on March 21

NEFAR REALTOR® Party Champions finish strong in Duval County’s election on March 21

Out of the 21 Duval County and City of Jacksonville candidates endorsed by the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS®, 20 either advanced to a run-off election or won their seats outright on the first ballot. Five of the candidates received early endorsements, winning their seats because they were unopposed. Of the 16 that ran against other candidates, seven won their seats by winning more than 50% of the vote on the first ballot, while eight finished among the top two vote-getters to advance to a run-off election that will be held in Duval County May 16.


REALTOR® Party Champions who were elected unopposed

  • Tax Collector – Jim Overton
  • Supervisor of Elections – Jerry Holland
  • City Council District 4 – Kevin Carrico
  • City Council At-Large Group 3 – Nick Howland
  • City Council At-Large Group 4 – Matt Carlucci


REALTOR® Party Champions who won the election on the first ballot

  • City Council District 1 – Ken Amaro
  • City Council District 3 – Will Lahnen
  • City Council District 6 – Michael Boylan
  • City Council District 12 – Randy White
  • City Council District 13 – Rory Diamond
  • City Council At-Large Group 1 – Terrence Freeman
  • City Council At-Large Group 2 – Ronald Salem


REALTOR® Party Champions who will advance to the run-off election on Tuesday, May 16

  • Mayor – Daniel Davis
  • Property Appraiser – Jason Fischer
  • City Council District 2 – Lindsey Brock
  • City Council District 7 – Joseph Hogan*
  • City Council District 8 – Tameka Gaines Holly
  • City Council District 11 – Ramon Day
  • City Council District 14 – Rahman Johnson
  • City Council At-Large Group 5 – Chris Miller


NEFAR REALTOR® Champion Morgan Roberts lost her bid for the City Council District 5 seat to Joe Carlucci. There were no NEFAR endorsements in City Council Districts 9 and 10.


*UPDATE: When this article was originally published on March 24, 2023, NEFAR endorsed District 7 candidate Jimmy Peluso. His endorsement was retracted on April 25, 2023 in favor of District 7 candidate Joseph Hogan.