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NEFAR REALTOR® appointed as C2EX ambassador

NEFAR REALTOR® appointed as C2EX ambassador

NEFAR encourages members to take part in C2EX Challenge before Oct. 1

Rory Dubin, secretary to board of directors for the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® (NEFAR), has been appointed as an C2EX ambassador by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).

Dubin will be promoting this year’s C2EX Challenge and will be available to assist other REALTORS® in gaining their endorsements by giving one-on-one help, either in-person or virtually.

“I am honored to be part of the inaugural group of ambassadors, as one of five in Florida and one of 56 nationally,” Dubin said. “I will be available to present the C2EX Program to groups including at conferences, NEFAR meetings, large companies in our area, and virtually to almost any area. I am available to the large firms in our area to present at their annual meetings or whenever a large group of REALTORS® has gathered. I have C2EX marketing collateral to generate interest and power point presentations about the program.”

This year, NEFAR is competing as an association in the C2EX Challenge and encourages its member brokerages and individual REALTORS® to take part in this competition by earning their endorsements between April 1 through to Friday, Oct. 1. Northeast Florida brokerages that have 100 percent participation will receive special recognition from NEFAR. Winning local and state associations will receive grants from the National Association of Realtors® as high as $5,000 as well as national recognition that they can strategically leverage to boost their membership and reinforce the essential role REALTORS® play as community experts.

Approximately 12,300 REALTORS® nationwide have already completed the program and earned their C2EX endorsement, including 2,040 in Florida, said Dubin. So far, only 123 NEFAR members have earned the designation. “There are also about 9,630 REALTORS® in Florida who have started the program, including those who have completed it, and just over 75,000 REALTORS® in North America have embarked on the program to date,” he added.

“The C2EX endorsement is critical for REALTORS® to increase their professionalism, community and industry involvement, customer service, and overall knowledge of the Code of Ethics, and best real estate practices,” Dubin said, adding that as a C2EX ambassador, he is available to not only assist REALTORS® mainly in Northeast Florida, but also virtually anywhere within the state or nation.

To begin the C2EX program, log into www.C2EX.realtor and take any one of 11 self-assessments to measure your proficiency in 10 aspects of professionalism – there are 11 for brokers – ranging from customer service to use of technology. The on-line platform generates a customized learning path and recommends experiences and resources to enhance each individual REALTOR’S® skillset.

After a REALTOR® earns the C2EX endorsement, their journey does not end. The Commitment to Excellence program continues to evolve as industry standards and best practices evolve. As new content, reference, and resource materials are added to the platform, REALTORS® who have earned their C2EX Endorsement receive a notification inviting them to update their skills and knowledge.

Dubin said he has been passionate about the C2EX program since it was launched by NAR in November 2018. He earned his C2EX endorsement in April 2019. “One of the greatest threats to our industry is a lack of professionalism of so many REALTORS®, he said. “With so many REALTORS® entering the profession in record numbers, I wanted to do my part to promote this program as a way to reach large numbers of REALTORS® to inspire and encourage them to earn the endorsement.”

NEFAR members who has already earned the C2EX endorsement include: Ima Jean Greenwell Boutin; Bobbie Jean DeMunck; Harry Alters; Sharon Alters; William “Glenn” East; Beverly Garvin; Catherine Whatley; Barbara Galvin; Katherine Karr-Garcia; Judy Fields; Charleen Stephens; Patricia Sherman; Joyce Roberts; Milagros Kanyar; Gregory Mosley; Lorri Reynolds; Faith Welch; Dena Calivas PA; Jeanne Denton-Scheck; Richard Morris; Cynthia Kirby; Marc Jernigan; Edwin Santiago; Jeannette Jenkins; Kay Chafton; Kimberly Knapp; Julie Dukes; Heidi Lynch; Leslie Dougher; Anita Miller; Andrew Bell; Leslie Johnson; Pamela Stubbs; Janna Thomas; Carol Zingone; Delmas Harper; Lauren Cole; Wendy Keating; Eric Cavanagh; Diane Cook; Marcia VanBoskerck; Kareem Tannous; Susan “Missi” Howell; Michelle Gonzalez; Wanda McReynolds; Cari Knapp; Dawn Niermann; Jonathon Geiger; Kimberly Wiggins; Cheryl Alward; Rebecca Parker; Diana Galavis; June Dornsife; Julie Bentley; Cole Slate; Danique Douglas, Alayna Summanen; Lauren Rohman; Thomas Yates; Kimberlee Ormond; Samantha Heflin; Elizabeth Zank; Melanie Pitts; Cynthia Bleiel; Doreen Congdon; Carolyn Smith; Shari Girouard; Karen Lazarek Simison; Randy Dean; John Williford; Andrea Brown; Virginia Girton; Marilynn Evans; Sandra Tucker; Anthony Stroud; Willie Singleton; Angela Cutshall; Chrystelle Ancelot; Kendra Peck; Laila Iarossi; Kelly Kinney; Yahira Montano; Laura Graham; Christian Oliva; Deanna Foerman; Mary Waltrip; Cydney Frick; Joseph Barnes; Pamela Vargas; Amanda Windley; Tania Dean; Fabian Vargas; Gena Martin; Monique Tunsill; Billie Linnane Miller; Melissa Kehres; Patricia Barthlow; Carol Suhrer; Elizabeth Watkins; Matthew Latiff; Aletha Ruffin; Lindsay Houston; Laura Kerr; Charlotte Steel; William Israel; Christine Ibanez; Shelley Howells Farmer; Myra York; Christopher Chafton; Todd Pitts; Terri Startz; Marlon Hall; Donielle Sallas; Gonzalo Mejia; Charles Bates; Jose Cuetos; Rory Dubin; John Miller; Tiea Vincent; Stacey Anderson; Lashondra Rose; Aldina Sousa; and Pascale Trotta.