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Leadership team sets goals, aims to forward strategic plan

Leadership team sets goals, aims to forward strategic plan

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors® has a rich history of excellence and service to its members, and the communities it serves. Our 2022 leadership team is dedicated to honoring this tradition and moving forward into a new year with the commitment to “Thinking Diversely: Building Leaders, Professionals and Community.” Our mission, to “Serve as the Premier Advocate and Resource for Real Estate,” remains true to our vision to be the “Association of Choice for Real Estate Professionals.” Please trust that each of our directors will steadfastly challenge both themselves and each other to think diversely in all deliberations while respecting each other’s point of view. We will encourage engagement from the members in our discussions and focus on the Vision 2025 Strategic Plan, which was developed in 2021, in all our decisions and actions.

To implement the first of NEFAR’s strategic goals, “Influence Advocacy,” our team will strengthen fundraising for RPAC through increased awareness and education. RPAC Task Force Chairman Cliff Baker and Vice Chair Tara Braithwaite will call on each member to support NEFAR’s efforts to achieve the RPAC Triple Crown. To accomplish this, we must achieve our overall fundraising goal as well as the number of Major Investors and individual REALTOR’® participation. We are counting on each member to spread the word about the benefits of RPAC. In addition, we will focus on monitoring local and state government regulation, as well as training our members in grassroots efforts to encourage fair-housing initiatives, and to collaborate with public/private organizations to protect private property rights and the business interests of our members.

Regarding our second strategic goal, “Professional Excellence,” as an organization, we remain committed to elevating REALTOR® professionalism and maintaining efficient processes to support ethics, grievance, and professional standards. The creation of our EDGE™ certification aims to support advanced education and designations beyond the C2EX baseline standard. We will support the integrity of the real estate transaction and all persons involved and continue to provide educational opportunities for our members in both virtual and in-person venues. Our third strategic goal, “Member Experience,” is intended to provide members with opportunities, benefits, and services that support member growth, professionalism, and success. This effort is best supported by our area and specialty councils. Please stay involved in these activities and reach out to your peers that are not engaged by encouraging them to participate. We will all win when we get more of our members actively supporting these activities throughout the year.

Dedicated to giving back to our community through charitable efforts, which are included in our fourth strategic goal: “Community Involvement,” your leadership team will promote continued good works’ participation and contributions by the membership. Each of the council leaders and our Community Affairs Task Force, led by Christina Welch and Margarita Cavanagh, will be instrumental in helping the association achieve this goal. Encouraging members to give back in a way that makes them eligible for the Good Neighbor Award is another example of NEFAR’s efforts in this regard.

With an eye toward our fifth and final strategic goal, “Association Leadership,” the directors are dedicated to protecting the financial, real property, and intellectual assets of our organization to ensure a vibrant association into the future. As leaders, we will develop a plan for association growth and rebranding. In 2022, Chair Tiea Vincent and Vice Chair Clark LaBlond have an excellent program planned for 18 participants in the Leadership Academy class of 2022.

We are fortunate to have a nationally recognized and exceptional staff at NEFAR. Glenn East and his team are among the best in the industry. Each staff member is dedicated to serving the needs of the association, and they will continue to work diligently alongside your volunteer leadership team to ensure NEFAR remains the association of choice for real estate professionals in Northeast Florida.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of our association. NEFAR’s leadership team joins me in saying we are humbled, honored, and proud to serve you this year.

Mark Rosener
2022 NEFAR President