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June Market Stats release

June Market Stats release

A wealth of charts, graphs and facts are available by visiting the Market Stats area for the full June, and all monthly and annual, reports. Except where otherwise indicated, statistics reflect combined results for single-family residential (which includes townhouses) and condominium properties.

There were 2,829 sales in June, down from more than 3,200 in May and an 8.5% drop from June 2018.

While the number of sales notched down, prices spiked to both the highest monthly median, and monthly average, point within the past 10 years, and likely the highest historically (NEFAR has tracked monthly sales since 2009). The median sales price was $241,000, up 2.6% from a year ago, while the average price was $295,386, up 5.2% from a year ago. Nearly 14% of properties during June sold for more than the original list price.

There were 3,467 new listings added to the market, 11.1% fewer than were added in June 2018.

The 9,226 homes in inventory was a 4.7% drop year-over-year. This equates to 3.5 months’ supply on hand.

Sales in June were completed in an average of 63 days.

2019 NEFAR President Jeanne Denton-Scheck said, “Despite some reports that the market has shifted to favor buyers, Northeast Florida’s low inventory, climbing prices, and frequently seen multiple offers for properties are a combination that still add up to a seller’s market.”

For these and many other real estate market statistics, take advantage of the FREE market reports available NEFAR.com. Three categories are available: 1) The Monthly Indicators and Housing Supply Overview Report summarizes complete activity for NEFAR’s entire service area plus *partial information for St. Johns County and Nassau County. 2) Lender-Mediated reports provide a targeted look at lender-mediated sales and how they compare to traditional sales. 3) Annual Reports, from 2011 through 2018, give an extensive year in review, with comparisons from the four preceding years included.