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Joint Message from realMLS and NEFAR Regarding NEFAR/realMLS Forms and Contracts

Joint Message from realMLS and NEFAR Regarding NEFAR/realMLS Forms and Contracts

To further support the facilitation of a healthy marketplace NEFAR and realMLS have aligned with other associations/MLSs to better serve our respective members in the marketplace. The Coast2Coast MLS Data Share aligns the MLS data of all participating REALTOR® associations making it easier for our members to serve their clients. The current participating REALTOR® associations are NEFAR, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, and Space Coast.

In support of the alignment of services and to create efficiencies in the marketplace both the NEFAR Board of Directors and the realMLS Board of Directors voted at their March meetings to adopt the Florida Realtors®’ forms and to begin sunsetting both NEFAR and realMLS forms. NEFAR and realMLS will no longer provide or support the NEFAR or realMLS forms after June 30, 2024.




When is this happening?
  • The sunsetting of the NEFAR and realMLS forms is currently in progress as we begin to inform members of this decision. The sunsetting will be finalized on June 30, 2024. After June 30, 2024, unless specified otherwise, all realMLS and NEFAR forms will no longer be offered on their respective sites and no additional support regarding the forms will be provided thereafter by NEFAR or realMLS.
Will any forms be retained and available through NEFAR or realMLS?
  • Yes, realMLS will retain and make available the realMLS "Coming Soon Addendum" and the "Waiver of Entry Addendum” as they are realMLS specific and are related to realMLS Rules and Regulations.
  • Yes, NEFAR will retain and make available the NEFAR "Supra iBox Lockbox Disclosure and Addendum" because it is specific to the iBox service NEFAR provides, and it may release the brokers and their licensees from liability when the Seller authorizes one of our members to use an iBox.
Will I be able to access lockboxes in those areas?
  • Yes, The participating associations in the Coast2Coast MLS Data Share have agreed to utilize Supra’s auto-coop system and you may now automatically open the lockboxes of the participating associations. Your key is already programmed and there is no paperwork or fee required.
Will there be training on the Florida Realtors’ forms?
  • Yes, NEFAR and realMLS will have in-house and virtual training available. We will use our resources to provide webinars, online training, and in-person classes through NEFAR, realMLS, and Florida Realtors®. Training videos will also be available to better familiarize yourself with the Florida Realtors®’ forms. See the attached schedule which is being updated daily as new classes are negotiated and contracted or go to the NEFAR.com calendar.
How will I access the Florida Realtors forms?
  • One resource would be to use Form Simplicity which is available on the new Launch SSO Dashboard or from within Flexmls under MENUèProducts.
  • Alternatively, below is a link to log in and/or register a password. If you have an account on Florida Realtors® you can also log in with your User ID and Password. If you do not already have an account, click on 'I would like to reset or register my password.' https://www.formsimplicity.com/order-forms-programming/
  • If using a third-party transaction management vendor or other forms vendor, please reach out to them immediately to check for the availability of the Florida Realtors® forms library. realMLS will be notifying each of these vendors as well but it is best that you communicate directly with your provider so you understand how this transition will occur and to inquire about tips that may make the transition easier for your agents.
If I have questions about the Florida Realtors’ forms, who will answer my questions?
  • One of the benefits of moving to the Florida Realtors® forms is that all REALTOR members have access to the Florida Realtors® Legal Hotline at (407) 438-1409. The hotline has a highly respected team of attorneys with expertise on the Florida Realtors®’ forms and they will answer your questions.
What happens if I write an offer on a NEFAR Purchase and Sale Agreement before June 30, but it is not finalized or accepted until after that date?
  • You should write the original offer on the Florida Realtors®’ forms as there will be no NEFAR or realMLS support for the forms after June 30, 2024. It is advised that you begin using the Florida Realtors® forms as soon as possible. This is why we encourage you to sign up for the webinars, online training, or in-person training which will be available now through June 30, 2024, and thereafter through Florida Realtors and NEFAR.
What happens if I want to continue using NEFAR and realMLS forms after July 1?
  • NEFAR and realMLS forms have been discontinued as of June 30, 2024, and no one is authorized to use the copyrighted forms after June 30, 2024.