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Help save Florida’s Affordable Housing Trust Funds

Help save Florida’s Affordable Housing Trust Funds

The Florida legislature is planning to pass a law that permanently cuts the amount of dollars available for the state’s affordable housing programs. To prevent this from happening, Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® is joining with Florida Realtors® in calling for members to lobby elected officials to not take money from the Sadowski Trust Funds that is earmarked to fund these vital housing programs.

Already, REALTORS® have had an impact, and legislators have reduced what was initially going to be a 66% cut in affordable housing funds to 50%. But this is not the final word. The House and Senate budgets must now be reconciled, and changes could occur. During this reconciliation period, REALTORS® from throughout the state are continuing to advocate for the money to be preserved in the housing trust funds so it may be used for workforce housing and assist the state’s most vulnerable during these uncertain times.

Ideally, NEFAR and Florida Realtors® would like to see the housing funds restored to 100% of what is raised through the documentary stamp taxes because every penny is going to be needed to adequately address Florida’s growing affordable housing crisis. These days Northeast Florida is faced with a low inventory of housing units, scarce rental properties, and rising home prices and rents. Essential workers such as healthcare workers, first responders, police, and fire fighters with young families as well as elderly citizens on fixed incomes need the help these programs provide.

Now is not the time to permanently take money away from programs that aid Floridians with rental assistance and facilitate first-time buyers in achieving their dreams of homeownership.

Don’t wait. Contact your legislator TODAY about protecting the money originally earmarked for affordable housing. For more information, visit https://affordablehousingfl.org.