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Global Business Council group attends NAR-India real estate convention

Global Business Council group attends NAR-India real estate convention

Led by 2024 President Rory Dubin, members of NEFAR’s Global Business Council attended NAR-India’s 16th annual convention in Goa from February 29 to March 2.

Joining Dubin on the trip from NEFAR were Global Business Council Vice Chairman Christine Baranofsky, Ann Marie Wiggins, Sharon McNeal, and Lesley Davidson, all of whom are members of the council. During the convention, they were identified as “international delegates” at both the NARVIGATE Conference and the Industrial Estate and Warehousing Conclave, which represents India’s commercial sector. Both events were held simultaneously.

The NEFAR members partnered in their journey with agents from North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, as well as Gainesville, and Broward in Florida.

The GBC members will share information about their experiences during an India Insight Lunch & Learn at the NEFAR Resource Center on March 27 from 12 pm to 2 pm.

During the first-ever Real Estate and Warehousing Conclave, NEFAR had one of 12 booths. The walls of the booth depicted Jacksonville’s colorful downtown skyline by the St. Johns River and several signs identifying the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS. The five NEFAR members distributed tri-fold brochures about NEFAR’s Global Business Council, business cards, REBI course programs for foreign countries, and McNeal passed out hand sanitizer with her company’s logo as well as postcards about properties and other flyers.

“We’ve been the highlight of about 700 attendees,” said Dubin of the conference. “I definitely recommend NEFAR members come to the India Insight Lunch and Learn on March 27. We’ve learned a lot about how to properly do business with agents and developers in India, and any of the five of us from NEFAR will be happy to meet with families originally from India in the Jacksonville area to discuss opportunities.

On March 2, NEFAR signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NAR-India. At the ceremony, the NEFAR members distributed copies of NEFAR magazine, bags, special pens, and NEFAR Rockstars sunglasses to those in attendance.

At the same time, NAR-India is signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Thailand. A 12-person Thai delegation as well as some REALTORS from the Chicago area, also attended the conference.