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Ciera Smith: Bringing an insider’s view of government to NEFAR

Ciera Smith: Bringing an insider’s view of government to NEFAR

NEFAR Government Affairs Director Nancy Garcia has a new sidekick.

In February, Ciera Smith was hired as NEFAR’s Government Affairs Coordinator. She will take on the duties formerly held by Kristina Klausser, who left NEFAR in late December after working for the association for nearly eight years.

In her new role, Ciera will help monitor the local, state, and federal legislative and regulatory activities that impact NEFAR. She will also provide support to NEFAR’s Legislative Committee, Candidate Screening Task Force and Board of Directors. One of her main duties will be to assist in the planning and execution of events and fundraisers connected with NEFAR’s REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC). She will also serve as the staff liaison to NEFAR’s Global Business Council.

“I’m delighted to join the NEFAR team, and especially the Government Affairs department,” Ciera said. “I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to further serve my hometown community and neighbors in a role that I’m passionate about.”

Before coming to NEFAR, Ciera had an insider’s view of government through her work as a staff member for Florida State Representative Angie Nixon and U.S. Congressman All Lawson, Jr. She also has several years of experience working on political campaigns as a specialist in strategy and finance. Prior to working for Rep. Lawson, she focused on community engagement and development in the employ of various nonprofits including Changing Homelessness, a 501 (c) 3 organization with a quest to prevent and end homelessness by providing leadership, advocacy, support, standards, and funding within the Northeast Florida community.

“Home ownership and affordable housing are important issues to me, because I want to see North Florida continue to thrive while remaining a great place to live for Floridians old and new. I look forward to promoting our members as they work in the field of real estate to strengthen our community for years to come.”

Ciera holds an Associate of Arts degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education and Behavior with a minor in Anthropology from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

A Jacksonville native whose family has lived near the banks of the St. Johns River for five generations, Ciera adores her hometown and is quite knowledgeable about the intricacies of city life and its various neighborhoods. “I currently live in Springfield, but I have rented throughout the city,” she said, noting that she “usually prefers to be a proper Downtown Dweller when possible.”

An ardent sports fan, in her free time she enjoys watching football, attending the home games of various Jacksonville teams, and patronizing local breweries. “I’m proud to be a longtime Jaguars season ticket holder,” she said.

Also she is a proud Mom to Lucille, a third grader. Ciera enjoys playing outside with her daughter and especially loves visiting Florida’s springs and swamps. “I love Florida history and visiting historic sites,” she said. “I minored in Anthropology, so I love some good ruins.”