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Changes coming in 2022 to older versions of Supra’s eKey app

Changes coming in 2022 to older versions of Supra’s eKey app

REALTORS® using older eKey® app versions and 3G-based devises from Supra need to be aware of several changes coming in the new year. Effective December 31, 2021, Supra will shut down an earlier generation of its e-Key server. Because this server supports the oldest versions of the eKey app, it is important that all keyholders confirm that they have the latest version of the eKey app. REALTORS® affected by this change should have received an email directly from the company dated December 15.

Also, beginning in January 2022, cellular providers will begin turning off their 3G networks. The providers are taking this step because as technology evolves and improves, the older services need to be removed. For eKey users that are using older devises, Supra suggests that REALTORS® check with their cellular providers to determine if their phone requires a 3G network to function.

To run the current eKey app, REALTORS® should confirm that their eKey device, operating system, and eKey app meet the minimum requirements. Please review the following detailed guidance:

  1. Check your device model.
    The eKEY app requires the following at minimum: iPhone: Model 6S or newer. Android: Models vary. Because there are so many different Android devices, we are unable to provide a list of specific devices supporting the eKEY app. Some older Android devices rely on 3G technology, which is being phased out by cellular providers over the next several months*. If your phone does not support 4G or greater, it will not be capable of supporting the eKEY app. Please check with your cellular provider to see if your device is affected by 3G phase-out.

  2. Check your device’s operating system.
    To function properly, the current eKEY app requires your phone or tablet operating system to be either:
    - Apple® iOS 12 or later. Tip: How to find your iOS version.  
    - Android OS 8 or later. Tip: How to find your Android version.

     Before installing the latest eKEY app, please ensure your phone operating system is current. 

    As a best practice, we recommend that you update your device’s operating system whenever prompted to do so in order to improve the device's overall performance and have access to the latest features.
  3. Check your eKEY app version.
    The latest eKEY app was released December 10, 2021. Download and install the latest eKEY app from the App Store or Google Play: • eKEY for iOS: 5.3.3.xxx (or above) • eKEY for Android: 5.3.3.xxx (or above)

    To check the eKEY app version you have, please follow these steps:


    1. Open the eKEY app
    2. Tap the MORE icon on the bottom right
    3. Tap on ABOUT eKEY App
    4. The version number will be display at the top right of the screen. If your version is below, please go to the App Store and download the newest version.


    1. Open the eKEY app
    2. Swipe screen to left
    3. Tap the ABOUT Icon. The version number will be displayed. If the eKEY app is below, please go to the Google Play store and download the newest version.


Do you already have automatic app updates turned on? The current eKEY app version automatically pushes to your device. Do you rely on manual app updates? If you do not have automatic updates turned on, please update your eKEY app by searching for “supra ekey” in the App store or Google Play. Download and install the current eKEY app.

Questions? Contact Supra’s agent support line at 1-877-699-6787 or email the company at suprasupport@carrier.com.