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56 REALTORS® earn their “Gold Keys”

56 REALTORS® earn their “Gold Keys”

Heartfelt congratulations go out to the 56 real estate professionals who received their Gold Key Certifications May 26. The eight-hour class, which was held virtually, was the third of five Gold Key – Excellence in Professionalism certification classes to be held this year. The remaining 2021 Gold Key classes will be held Thursday, Sept. 9 and Wednesday, Dec. 15. Both classes will be held virtually and will be taught by renowned real estate educator Cynthia DeLuca, an instructor from Florida REALTORS® and a member of the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association.

So far, 137 real estate professionals within the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® have earned the golden designation in 2021. The purpose of the Gold Key course is to enlighten participants on the “keys” to being successful in the real estate industry, by providing a broad general knowledge of how to succeed. Those new to the profession attain a greater level of expertise, while experienced REALTORS® have discovered the class to be the perfect refresher course.

Receiving their Gold Key pins and certificates in May were:

Elnora Alexander

Edward Alexander

Tina Arant

Christine Baranofsky

Jose Barrera

Patricia Bowers

Tara Braithwaite

Rishawn Brandon

Jacob Burchardi

Jeffrey Burgess

Eugene Calabrase

Jeanne Caldwell

Eric Cavanagh

Margarita Cavanagh

Jamillah Chaney

Cristina Comstock

Clive Davidson

Tina Dilts

Sonny Downey

Jeffrey Drushal

Brittany Drushal

Kyle Ford

Zelda Greenberg

Elliott Greenberg

Wade Griffin

April Hall-Lloyd

Gary Harlow

Stephanie Hartmann

Petronia Ivey

Jeannette Jenkins

Selby Kaiser

Katherine Karr-Garcia

Kelli King

Carmen Llontop

Ashley McDonald

Linda McMorrow

Richard Morris

Vitina Pellot

David Phan

James Pierce

Peter Sapia

Shelly Sharp

Paula Sheldrick

Ellen Simons

Cole Slate

Kimberly Smith

Sandra Smith

Aldina Sousa

Cherie Spatcher

Alana Stephens

Wanda Taylor

Hazel Tweedale

Lucely Villegas Pinero

Mary Waltrip

Jessie Whitmore

Karen Zambetti