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2023 NEFAR Annual Dues Deadlines

2023 NEFAR Annual Dues Deadlines

2023 NEFAR Annual Dues are payble by January 1. The late fee schedule and link to login and make payment are below.

2023 NEFAR annual dues invoices were emailed to all members on Dec. 1. Paper invoices were not mailed.

Invoices were emailed to the email address you have provided for your NEFAR member record. Note: your NEFAR member record is separate from your NEFMLS / realMLS record.

You can access, pay, and print a copy of your invoice directly in your individual NEFAR member account. Click here to log in and pay now.
Payment Options - Online or Mail A Check

- Online payment is strongly urged, as it is faster and more secure.
- You receive an automatic confirmation when paying online.
- The address to mail your dues payment is provided on the invoice:
Northeast Florida Assoc. of Realtors, Client ID# 600087, PO Box 24620, West Palm Beach, FL 33416
- The above address is a bank repository for dues payments only. Do not mail correspondence or other materials to this address.
- Please do not mail dues payments to any NEFAR Service Center.
- All NEFAR Service Centers are closed to walk-in traffic due to COVID-19. NEFAR Service Centers are not equipped with deposit boxes or door slots for payment drop-offs.
- NEFAR is not responsible for misdirected dues payments.

Dues are payable by Jan. 1. Late fees are applied to unpaid accounts as follows:

- Jan. 11 - $25 late fee
- Feb. 1 - Member services are terminated. A reinstatement fee of $150 is applied in addition to dues.
- Feb. 22 - A reinstatement fee of $250 is applied, in addition to dues.
- April 1 - An additional $30 Florida Realtors processing fee is applied.

Questions or Updates to Your Email Address or Other Contact Information: email Membership@NEFAR.org

- Please provide your full name and member number, in addition to any updated contact information.
- We cannot accept changes via social media.

Realtors/Brokers - Status Changes, Not Renewing Membership

If you are not renewing your membership for 2023 (whether you are a sales associate or broker), or are making any other change of status, you must notify NEFAR prior to Dec. 31, 2022 by emailing Membership@NEFAR.org to avoid paying additional fees, including late fees and processing fees, upon reinstatement in 2023. After two years, a former member must join as a new applicant. Note: if you have a Supra key, you are responsible for also contacting Supra to terminate your key services.         

       - SALES ASSOCIATE TERMINATION POLICY:  Three options: 1) Broker makes an immediate online change with DBPR (preferred method) by changing your license status to current/inactive. 2) Broker uses an RE11 form, checks “Terminate Employee,” completes form and signs (signature required), then submits copies to both DBPR and NEFAR. 3) You use an RE11 form, checks “Become Inactive,” completes form and signs (signature required), then submits copies to both DBPR and NEFAR.

       - BROKER TERMINATION POLICY: If you are not paying 2023 dues and want to terminate NEFAR membership, you must submit a notice to NEFAR Compliance Administrator Angela Meeks at NEFARCompliance@NEFAR.org before Dec. 31, 2022. This written notice must state you are terminating membership and that you understand that all services for you, your firm, and its licensees will be suspended immediately upon receipt of your request. Once the termination is processed, an emailed notice will be sent to your firm’s licensees providing options for reinstatement with NEFAR and NEFMLS / realMLS.