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Reminder: Pay NEFAR Dues

Online payment (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) is available via NEFAR.com; see the Pay NEFAR Dues link on the top of the home page. Online payment is strongly encouraged and provides you with a payment confirmation for your records or tax files (you must enter your email address to receive the payment confirmation). Fax or telephone payment is not available.

Payments may be mailed, but please use only the P.O. Box address on the invoice (which is a bank); not NEFAR’s mailing address. NEFAR is not responsible for late, lost or misdirected mailed payments; another good reason to pay online. NEFAR must meet reporting and funds transfer deadlines to the Florida Realtors and National Association of Realtors, so late fees are enforced without exception. Late fees will be assessed to unpaid dues as indicated below.

If you are not renewing your membership (applicable to both sales associates and brokers): all change of status notices discussed below (whether from broker or sales associate) must be faxed to NEFAR at (904) 398-8025 no later than Dec. 31, 2017 to avoid paying additional fees, such as late fees and processing fees, upon reinstatement in 2018. After two years, a former member must join as a new applicant.

SALES ASSOCIATE TERMINATION POLICY: There are three options: 1) your broker may make an immediate change with DBPR online (preferred method) by changing your license status to current/inactive. 2) the broker may use an RE11 form which requires their signature, checking “Add/Terminate Sales Associate,” completing Section V, and submitting copies to both DBPR and NEFAR. Forms without the broker’s signature are not acceptable to DBPR. 3) you may use an RE10 form; which requires your signature, checking “Become Inactive,” completing Section III, and submitting copies to both DBPR and NEFAR.

BROKER TERMINATION POLICY: If you do not intend to pay your 2018 annual dues and wish to terminate your NEFAR membership, you must submit a written notice to NEFAR Compliance Administrator Angela Meeks at NEFARCompliance@NEFAR.org prior to Dec. 31, 2017. Your written notice must state you are terminating your membership and that you understand that all services for you, your firm and its licensees will be suspended immediately upon receipt of your request. Once the resignation is processed, an emailed letter is sent to all of your firm’s licensees advising them of options for reinstatement with NEFAR and NEFMLS.

  • Jan. 11 - $25 late fee added to unpaid accounts.
  • Feb. 1 - Member services are terminated and reinstatement will require a $150 late fee plus dues.
  • Feb. 20 – Reinstatement requires a $250 late fee plus dues.


1) Go to www.NEFAR.com (not RealtyWeb.net) and click on “Pay NEFAR Dues” within the black bar at the top of the home page or “My NEFAR Account” within the green tabs on bottom left side of page.

2) Login to your NEFAR member account with the same login information you use to login to RealtyWEB.net (flexMLSMLS). Username is as follows: firstnamelastname; password is what you created (or 1234 if this is your first time logging in). Once you are logged into your NEFAR account, go to “Account Balances” (right side of page) and click “Pay Now.”

4) To view the invoice, click the invoice number. Place a check mark in the box beside each invoice number for which you are paying. Click the green “Pay $” button (shows amount you will be paying). Complete your credit card information and click the green “Next” button.

5) A payment information page opens. Confirm that the information is correct then scroll down and click once only on the green “Submit Payment” button. The payment process may take a few minutes until you receive a confirmation. Make sure to print the confirmation to keep as a record of your transaction. You will also receive an email from “Membership Director” stating that your transaction was successful.

6) Payments made by credit card will appear on your credit card statement as “Realtor E-Commerce Network.”