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NEFAR Market Statistics

Tips For Making the Most of NEFAR Market Stats

NEFAR offers three categories of market statistics reports:

1) Monthly Indicator and Housing Supply Overviews  - This monthly report provides an in-depth summary of NEFAR's entire market area. In addition, area-level breakout reports are included for numerous submarkets. Time-savings tip: For a quick snapshot of key indicators for the month, check out the Market Overview on page two of the Monthly Indicator report.

2) Lender-Mediated Reports -  Lender Mediated reports are posted monthly and offer a targeted look at the foreclosures and short sales market, including submarket breakout data for more than 100 areas.

3) Annual Reports - Annual reports offer a comprehensive year-in-review summary of the northeast Florida housing market. Click the respective link below for Annual Reports.

All reports represent Realtor-brokered activity of single-family residential and condo sales combined.
As all Nassau and St. Johns County Realtors are not members of the Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service - a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors - the reports do not represent the full extent of Realtor sales in those counties.

Schedule for Posting Monthly Reports
Raw data for NEFAR's market statistics reports is pulled on the eighth of each month for the prior month's data (example: data for June is pulled on July 8). The raw data is analysed and compiled into reports by an outsourced market analyst group and provided to NEFAR several days later for posting. NEFAR typically receives and posts the monthly reports between the 10th - 13th of the month (example: June reports are posted between the 10th - 13th of July).

Required Reprint and Source Credit
NEFAR is happy to share the data contained within our market statistics reports and prior permission is not required. Source credit is required, however, for all uses of the data - including use by NEFAR members. Whether used for written, digital, broadcast, spoken, social media or other, all uses of NEFAR data must be accompanied by the following attribution - Source: Northeast Florida Association of Realtors.