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Lockbox | Key Services

NEFAR Realtor members can obtain lockboxes and eKEY service at all NEFAR Service Centers. For pricing information, contact NEFAR Member Services at 904-394-9494, ext. 1602 or Membership@NEFAR.org.

  • Lockboxes may be purchased at all NEFAR Service Centers. 
  • Electronic Keys (e-KEYS) are devices (cell phones, etc.) that you purchase outside of NEFAR. eKEY service fees are paid directly to SUPRA by monthly deductions from your credit card. SUPRA does not discontinue fees charged to your credit card even if you stop using your eKEY or your credit card expires. Fees continue to accrue until you contact NEFAR in writing to cancel.
  • Full information on Supra products is at: http://www.supraekey.com/Pages/Home.aspx

Frequently Asked Questions

Can NEFAR provide me with the shackle code for my lockbox?
You will be given the shackle code if the lockbox is assigned to you and your identity as the owner of the lockbox can be verified. Shackle codes are not provided to anyone other than the person to whom the lockbox is assigned.      

Why do I get feedback on lockboxes that I do not own?
This typically occurs when you have released the shackle of a lockbox that you do not own. For more information, contact Supra.

Does NEFAR buy back lockboxes from members?
No, NEFAR does not have a buy-back program. You can, however, sell your lockboxes to another NEFAR member. The seller must notify NEFAR in writing of this transaction, providing the name and firm of both the seller and buyer, as well as the full serial number(s) of the lockbox(es) sold. 

Which cell phones are compatible for use as eKEYS?
A list of eKEY-compatible phones is located on the Supra website:  www.supraekey.com.

If my phone battery dies and I lose Supra eKEY access, must I come to NEFAR to download the eKEY applications?
No. As long as you have Internet access and a data plan on your SmartPhone, you can wirelessly download the eKEY applications directly to your Smartphone from www.ekeymobile.com. Note: If you don't have Internet access and an Internet data plan with your cellular provider, you will incur additional charges. You can obtain the required Authorization Code from the Supra Web site or a Supra representative.