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NEFAR Awards

Give exemplary REALTORS® the recognition they deserve. Submit an awards nomination.


NEFAR will recognize deserving NEFAR members in the following award categories at its 2024 Awards and Installation Ceremony on Thursday, January 4, at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront. Questions? Call Marcia Hodgson at (904) 394-9144 send an email to mhodgson@nefar.com.


Award Categories

Affiliate-Business Partner of the Year Award

Recognizes one NEFAR Affiliate/Business Partner member who has contributed outstanding support and service to NEFAR during the current year.

Circle of Honor Award

Awarded to NEFAR members to commemorate many years of exceptional service and contributions to the community, state, and the real estate profession. Prior winners excluded. (View Past Winners).

Diversity Award

This award recognizes NEFAR REALTOR® members who have actively worked to raise the consciousness of inclusiveness within NEFAR, the REALTOR® community or in their workplace. Nominees should be REALTOR® members who have earned the At Home with Diversity designation and have completed online fair-housing tools such as NAR’s Implicit Bias training, and the Fair Haven video simulation. They should also have tangibly demonstrated the promotion of fairness and diversity regarding age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation, marital status, disability and so forth within NEFAR or their workplace, or the real estate industry.

Elected Official of the Year Award

Awarded to an elected official within NEFAR’s delegation area as a recognition of their personal efforts in supporting the real estate profession. This can be someone who has promoted legislation beneficial to the real estate profession and/or property rights. Nomination of local elected officials is strongly encouraged.

Global Involvement Award

This award recognizes a NEFAR member who has been involved in real estate by working within the global community. Members who hold the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation and are actively involved in NEFAR’s Global Council as well as those who have shown participation in some form of international real estate at the local, state, national, and international levels, are given strong consideration.

Golden R Award

Awarded to any NEFAR REALTOR® member to commemorate their faithful long-term service to NEFAR. Prior winners excluded. (View Past Winners).

Guiding Light Award (formerly Educator of the Year Award)

Awarded to the REALTOR® member who has done an exemplary job of educating NEFAR members either in the classroom or by mentoring or teaching less-experienced fellow agents above and beyond what is required by paid positions within their real estate firms.

NEFAR Good Neighbor Award (formerly The Humanitarian Award)

Awarded to a NEFAR member who has dedicated extensive personal time and resources to humanitarian causes or charitable efforts. Nomination must include specifics regarding the amount of time, type of support and/or resources rendered, and the full name (s) of organizations served. Prior winners excluded. (View Past Winners).

Newcomer of the Year Award

Awarded to a NEFAR REALTOR® member who has been a REALTOR® for a maximum of three years (started their career no earlier than 2019) and who has demonstrated active NEFAR participation through educational accomplishments and/or NEFAR committee, council, and or task force service. Prior winners excluded. (View Past Winners).

Professional Development Award

Awarded to a NEFAR REALTOR® member who has excelled in their professional development for the past two years. Items considered are the completion of local, state, and national real estate courses (including online courses) and the earning or supplementing NAR-conferred designations and/or certifications. Prior winners excluded. (View Past Winners).

Property Manager of the Year Award

Awarded to a NEFAR member who has made the greatest contribution to the property management profession through professional leadership initiatives and/or educational accomplishments. Prior winners excluded. (View Past Winners).

Real Estate Icon Award

This honor is awarded to a NEFAR REALTOR® who has made a significant mark within the profession of real estate in Northeast Florida. The nominee’s name should be recognizable within the community-at-large and is synonymous with exemplary ethical behavior as well as knowledgeable and compassionate service to clients. This individual is also highly respected in the REALTOR® community and has demonstrated generosity with his or her time through their support of community organizations/projects/programs.

REALTOR® of the Year Award

Awarded to one NEFAR REALTOR® member who has demonstrated continued personal involvement and support to NEFAR and to the real estate profession for the past three years. The current NEFAR president is not eligible.

Silent Angel Award

Awarded to a NEFAR member who has remained in the background, while faithfully going well above and beyond in serving NEFAR through volunteer service and/or support during the current year.

Special Recognition Award

Awarded sparingly, this honor recognizes NEFAR members who have gone far and above expectations in their efforts to support NEFAR’s special projects or events during the current year.


Nomination Deadline:

5 p.m. Tuesday, October 31, 2023

How to submit a nomination:

1) Carefully read the nomination rules.
2) Click the blue button above to fill out the form.
3) Once your nomination form is submitted a confirmation of receipt will be emailed from Marcia Hodgson, communications director for NEFAR. If the confirmation is not received by the member submitting it, then it was not received by NEFAR.

Nomination Rules

  • Only NEFAR members in good standing may nominate award candidates (assistants, family members and groups are ineligible.)
  • NEFAR awards are meant to recognize individual accomplishments and do not include groups or multiple-person nominations.
  • Each award category has individual criteria. To be considered, nominations must demonstrate how the candidate’s activities meet the criteria.
  • Winners will be determined by a neutral process utilized by the Awards Task Force of REALTOR® members from all geographic areas represented by NEFAR.
  • Decisions will be based solely on the information included on the nomination form. Each nomination must include the full details on the form. Requests to contact others for details or verification will not be accommodated.
  • The Awards Task Force will review each nomination form in a blind fashion. Names of those submitting the nominations will not be included.
  • All nominations are confidential. Any NEFAR member can be nominated, and members can nominate themselves if they meet the criteria.
  • Award program information and a link to the prior winners list is available on NEFAR.com.
  • Award winners will be announced during the installation event on Thursday, January 13.
  • If no nominations are received for a category, or if the Awards Task Force determines that none of the nominations for a category meet the award criteria, no award will be presented for that category.
  • Awards will be presented to the candidate nominees that most closely match the criteria in the respective award description.
  • Awards are NOT presented based on the number of nominations received (decisions are not based on a popular vote), who submitted the nomination (the Awards Task Force is not given this information), any measure of sales, volume, production, units managed, etc. (NEFAR awards are not production awards), or activities done on behalf of the nominee’s firm, customers, or any group other than NEFAR (except as requested in some award categories).
  • NEFAR will not accept additional pages, handwritten submissions, PDFs, attachments, scans, flyers, photos, or videos.